HELLO World.. DAB Radio is EVIL!

Now this is maybe not the most scientific description
of dab radio but this is your challenge to do better !
Culture minister Widvey of Norway has decided it is
a clever idea to close fm radio net
,, take a close look at the lady named Widvey
does this lady really look like she knows ANYTHING about
radio signals ? i mean,, anything about any electrics ?
16 October 2013 she was elected by miss Solberg.
Current culture minister is Linda Hofstad Helleland,
on her wiki she openly write about what she has worked with
"from work life i have expericene from waitering and then i was a nurse"
This is Norways minster in charge of our fm radio ??
send them a mail @ postmottak@kud.dep.no and let them
hear your opinion about closing the fm radio, please.

or at least please sign this :

soundclip underneath is first sound ever recorded,
by Edouard-Leon Scott

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